10 Jul An Evening with the Samyang 12mm

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

I finally made it out in the evening this last week to take some shots. I met an old friend up on Curbar Edge in the Peak District and we did some socially distanced photography. I really needed this trip and noticed lock down has made my photography very rusty. I struggled to use the camera and I wasn’t finding composing shots easy at all.

The trip also gave me chance to collect more shots for my upcoming Samyang 12mm lens review. I’ve been working on this for some time. I always like to get the feel for a lens over a few months before I share my thoughts. Hopefully, I will get to write the review next week, but I will share a few impressions here.

The image quality from the Samyang 12mm is superb. I’ve owned a few Samyang lenses over the years, and they have all resolved detail well and delivered excellent sharpness. This latest lens is no exception and at least matches what you would expect of a premium Fuji prime lens.

Paired with my Fuji X-T3 (although it’s available in a variety of mounts, the Samyang 12mm feels well balanced and very well made. It’s nice to handle despite being manual focus and not having image stabilisation.

Interestingly, I haven’t missed either of these features. In fact, focussing hasn’t been an issue at all and if anything

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