31 Jul An Evening Shooting Landscape Photography

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

Ramshaw Rocks in the Peak District. Fuji XT3 with 10-24mm lens.

Last night the weather looked promising (not raining) so I ventured out to meet a friend who I hadn’t seen since before the lockdown. We agreed to meet at Ramshaw Rocks near to the Roaches in the Peak District because we thought the heather might be out. There’s often some colour this early but unfortunately not this year. It looks like the heather is a couple of weeks later than expected.

Despite this the weather was reasonably good for photography and I was able to capture several shots that I think are reasonable. I’m afraid I can’t get excited about any of them yet (that may happen in another 12 months).

What the evening did make me realise though, is just how rusty I am with using my gear. I couldn’t remember how to access some of the settings that I wanted so wasted time scrolling through menus. I would then find a switch on the camera to do what I wanted. I kept forgetting to check simple things like looking for distractions around the edge of the frame or checking/changing the point of focus. And I found creating a good composition particularly challenging. In short, I’m well out of practice.

In the end, I thought I would share this shot from earlier in the evening. Initially I was processing it to

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