27 Jan An Approach To Finding My Own Look

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Being relatively new to photography, I quickly learned that the best way of improving is to simply bring the camera with me and take pictures. Thousands of pictures. I`ve experimented with black & white photography, vintage lenses, HDR, long exposures, timelapses and so forth. I`ve learned a few new tricks, and I intend to keep exploring just for the fun of it. At the same time, it would be great to be able to achieve a somewhat consistent look to my photography. Given my current lack of focus on specific genres, I believe that the summit of this journey will, to some extent, forever be beyond reach. But having some guidelines has helped me get slightly closer to consistency, and I`ll share them with you in this article. It might be helpful to occasionally remember who you are actually taking pictures for. Instead of making Instagram likes my benchmark, I made a decision to try to create a look that I, myself, find visually pleasing. After all, it is my living room wall some shots may end up on. And even if the goal is to achieve a sizeable following on social media, I believe that having a consistent look […]

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