17 Mar Amelia Averescu in Switzerland

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In the summer of 2020, in the month between lockdowns, I got into my car and drove to Italy. It was a road trip mainly for pleasure with plenty of photography practice built-in. I set up a few shoots along the way with models that I had discovered on Instagram. On my way through Switzerland, I stayed in Fribourg and met up with a friend, Keren Bisaz, for a fun shoot with Amelia.

1. I am putting a book together called Gold Dress so I tend to use this dress quite a bit at the moment in my personal work. I lit Amelia with a single Godox AD200 fitted with a Scatterflash attachment using the ‘Crunch’ gel. This gives beautifully dappled light and creates a bit of magic in the process.

2. Right opposite my hotel entrance was this shuttered window and I thought it would make an interesting photograph. I bought the dress that Amelia is wearing on Alibaba and it worked really well for my road trip shoots.

3. I used reflected sunlight for the shot on the left and the Godox with a Scatterflash for the shots on the right.

The shot on the left was not meant to be, because it was just a random capture that I took before setting up my light and arranging the shots on

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