26 May All change at Lovegrove ~ News

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All Mapped Out

It was just after Christmas that I hatched a plan to restructure my operation, rebuild or replace all of my websites and set up the replacements for a 4 year and 5-month run.

I have the opportunity to ‘retire’ on this day in 2024 and although I’ll definitely still be shooting personal projects and travelling. I will decide at that point if I want to continue running the workshops and adventures.

I have had several business consultants over the years and they have always emphasised the endgame. “Start with the end in mind.” “Work towards your exit strategy.” “Know where you are going so you can get there efficiently and on time.” I’ve taken that advice on board and I now have a plan. A strategy and the means to make it happen. My current business coach is Julie Christie of TIB and is highly recommended.

So, don’t panic. You have at least 4 years of fabulous Lovegrove workshops and road trip adventures to look forward to and I’d love to share these experiences with you.

I have ‘retired’ before from Broadcasting and twelve years later from Wedding Photography. Big changes are exciting.

Merge and Simplify

It was back in September 2015 that my websites last got revamped: prophotonut.com, passionphotographyexperience.com, lovegroveshop.com, lovegroveportraits.com, lovegrovephotography.com, leather-portfolios.com and lovegrove.lighting. Some sites have gone already,

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