18 Sep All About Tripods

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Many photographers casually set up the tripod and use the various tilts and adjustments in a haphazard way. It is preferable, however, to be more methodical in setting up the tripod, if time and situation permit, to provide precise positioning of the camera and the greatest possible stability. ~ Ansel Adams, The Camera

On our Facebook photo critique forum, someone had asked set of questions regarding tripods and their use. Since the answer going to be longer than usual, I thought of converting it into a blog post. This will also benefit everyone who is curious to know about this three-legged thing sticking out of a camera. The variety of tripods are vast and tripods are used in both for still capture as well as Video. In this article, I am concentrating only on Still photography related Tripod legs only and I am not going to touch any brand specific details. Since the article went to be to become too detailed, I will be writing on Tripod heads in my future blog…

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