19 Apr Alicia Endemann ~ Street portraits workshop

Source: Pro Photo Nut

Location: Paris business district on a Sunday in the Spring of 2016
Model: Alicia Endemann
Photographer: Damien Lovegrove
Event: 1:2 training workshop with clients from Switzerland
Camera: Fujifilm X-Pro2, XF16mm, XF 35mm f/1.4, XF 50-140mm OIS

01. The top and bottom left shots of Alicia are lit with reflected light while the shot on the right is lit with sunlight.

02. Both shots use sunlight as the key light here.

03. Left: I experiment with my speedlights to get to know what it they can do. Like a guitarist getting new sounds out of their instrument, I get new light patterns out of my speedlights. I know exactly how a Nikon SB900 or a Canon 580EX2 would look in the same situation. The shot on the right is lit with reflected sunlight. Notice the cheekbone definition and the wonderful crisp shadows on the coat.

04. This art instillation was designed and created by a Mr Moretti. It was a bit faded so I gave it the Velvia treatment. Cactus speedlight from the left.

05. The top shot is lit with sunlight reflected off the building behind me. The shot bottom left is a naturally lit reflection shot. These are so easy to shoot in any modern city location. The shot bottom right is lit with my Cactus speedlight and features a graphic on the outside of a shopping mall.

06. Sunlit shots. I like to look for design cues in repeating patterns. The shoot location is constantly changing as the angle of sunlight changes. It’s quite easy to predict as the sun moves round…

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