26 Mar Alicia Endemann in Paris ~ X-Pro2

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I did 4 shoots over 5 days last week and 3 of them were with Alicia Endemann in Paris. This was the coldest of our shoots and in some ways the most eventful. Because of the cold grey weather we limited our time on the streets appropriately. Here are 21 of my X-Pro2 shots processed in Lightroom from RAW with Acros.

01. Alicia Endemann has a classic look that is easily captured with the 50-140mm lens. It’s the little moments like this that tell the big story sometimes. Processed in Lightroom with Acros. We had lipstick a shade darker than I usually choose for mono portraits so I could use the straight Acros film simulation without needing my usual favourite Acros with G filter.

While the makeup was underway by Tatiana, Paul Keur, my co shooter and I chose a starting location using Google Earth. We decided to start at the Louvre and taxi’d right to the spot where our first shoot session took place.

02. The Louvre is surrounded by colonnades void of people and these make a perfect location for a portrait session in natural light whatever the weather.

03. I set up a couple more shots in the colonnade. It’s rare for me to shoot a portrait with black holes for eyes but it does give an edge to the shot on the left. I added contrast in Lightroom to emulate the look of a grade 4 print.

We warmed up in a local coffee shop before heading to the cute Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel in the…

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