25 Feb Adventuring With Fujifilm X Series Cameras

Source: Fuji Love

Photographers debate endlessly things like sensor size and focal length, zoom vs primes, whether to carry a tripod. For most of us, the answer depends on what we prioritize. This is especially true for adventure photography where weight is paramount. Carry too little and you might not get the shot. Carry too much and you risk injury or you won’t have the energy to use what you’ve carried. Right now, though, I’m not thinking about any of this.

My camera is on a tripod pointing towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s framing just enough of the trail to capture the absurdity of my situation: hiking Rim-to-rim with food, camping gear, and a bicycle — 50kgs — strapped to my back. It hurts like hell, hobbling away from the camera. Up is difficult, almost impossibly so, but down is another level of pain entirely. I regain my composure just as the self-timer finishes ticking down. Click. I hobble back slipping the camera into my bag. Then, I grab the tripod to use as a trekking pole. The slight down is torture. The climb up the North Rim is all out war. With every ounce of strength and determination I possess, I reach the top where I re-assemble my bicycle and resume the dirt-road ride from Mexico to Canada (after three days for recovery, of course. It was that long before I could walk again).


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