15 May Adrift

Source: Don Craig

Many meters apart and one-meter up

As you probably know, I have continued to work since the beginning of the global/local pandemic. Which has been a blessing, in that it has given my days purpose and, of course, continues to support my family. At times, it has been busier than I would have imagined and it has also been tedious as well. One way that I have been dealing with the changes and uncertainties of our current “normal,” is to get on the water as often as possible.

Increasingly, I have been taking a camera on the water with me, when I paddle SUP or surfski (a type of fast kayak). The view from the water is unique and I can paddle to places I can’t otherwise reach.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, when time has allowed, I have been getting on the water for some beauty, exercise and photo making. Unless it’s great wave-riding conditions, I will paddle to a destination in order to make photos. And then to another place that I see on my paddle. And so on. This has become my new normal for paddling and it’s making me pretty happy.

Below, you will find a combination of images made before and since the beginning of March.

Remember: be kind, be calm and be safe.

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