13 Jan Adrian Weckler: why Fuji’s X-Pro2 may be the perfect non-DSLR camera

Source: Fujifilm Insider

If you could build your own dream camera, what would it look like? Big? Small? Knobtastic? Fully automatic? Mine would be metal, fairly compact and feature plenty of well placed controls to help focus and get a good shot quickly. In other words, it might look a lot like a Fuji.

The Japanese company has been on a roll for the last two years with new camera bodies that are utterly lustworthy. It’s almost impossible to look at one without wanting to pick it up, toy with it and — yes — even take a photo with it.
The X-Pro2, which I’ve been using for a month, is just such a camera. It’s one of Fuji’s two flagship compact cameras (the other being the similarly specced X-T2). In terms of picture quality, it’s just about as good as you can get in a camera short of moving up to a dedicated professional system…

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