29 Sep Adobe Shows off New Masking Features coming to Lightroom and Camera Raw

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Adobe recently released a sneak peek at a fairly significant new feature coming to the Lightroom family and Camera Raw. The masking feature replaces the old gradient and brush tools for making elective edits, and includes the ability to have multiple masks combined in different ways. The masking feature also to use AI to select, with a single click, the sky or key subject. It’s pretty impressive and looks to be one of the biggest feature upgrades to Lightroom in a long time.

But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself. They posted a great preview video (embedded below).

While not quite a full layer system like Capture One, it’s not too far off it either, and the way they showed the ability for masks to subtract and interact with other masks is impressive.

There’s also a lengthy blog post by the camera raw team explaining the feature and the thought processes behind it. According to the article this is slated to be released on October 26th, which coincides with this year’s Adobe Max conference.

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