10 Mar Adobe releases Photoshop for M1 Macs and introduces Super Resolution in ACR

Source: DP Review

Adobe has announced that a new version of Photoshop is now available, allowing the popular photo editing software to run natively on Macs with Apple’s M1 chip. This news comes nearly five months after Adobe announced that native versions were coming soon and after months of internal and public beta testing.

The new version of Photoshop for Apple Silicon includes nearly all features of Photoshop, more on that in a bit. It promises faster selections and filters among overall performance boosts. Adobe writes, ‘Our internal tests show that Photoshop delivers significant performance gains across the application for customers using [Macs with the M1 chip].’ Adobe’s internal tests show that a wide range of features are about 1.5x faster in the new version on M1 Macs than ‘similarly configured previous generation systems.’ Testing included a wide range of activities, including opening and saving files, running filters, using compute-heavy tools like Content-Aware Fill and Select Subject.

Early Adobe benchmarking shows that some operations are even faster. A significant reason that the first public release promises such impressive performance is due to Adobe’s beta testing program. Adobe states that further development is ongoing as the company continues to work with Apple to optimize performance further.

Not every feature has made it into the first release, however, so not every user may want to update to the Apple silicon version of Photoshop immediately. A few features, including the recent Invite to Edit Cloud Documents and Preset Syncing,

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