28 Sep Adobe has re-engineered masking in Adobe Camera RAW and Lightroom

Source: DP Review

Adobe has offered a sneak peek of its next version of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) and Adobe Lightroom. While many new features will be added to ACR, Lightroom and Photoshop on October 26, today’s preview focuses on a redesigned masking engine and user experience.

Masking is a primary way that users can perform precise selective adjustments within ACR and Lightroom. Adobe is completely redesigning how masking will work, including through a new Masks panel. Adobe’s Josh Bury writes, ‘The new masking functionality represents the biggest change to providing control over selectively enhancing photos since the release of Lightroom 2 [in 2008].’

The impetus for redesigned masking tools was brought on, at least in part, but AI-powered selection tools such as Select Subject and Sky Replacement in Adobe Photoshop. These tools have been well-received, so the Adobe Research Team got to figure out how to incorporate these tools into ACR and Lightroom. The imaging processing engine in ACR and Lightroom was incompatible, so the engine needed to be reworked at a foundational level.

‘The new Select Subject tool automatically creates a precise mask of the salient subject with a single click, and works on people, animals, and inanimate objects.’ Image and caption credit: Adobe

To ensure that a core reworking made sense for its customers, Adobe reached out to tens of thousands of customers across ACR, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic userbases and talked to them about selective adjustment tools.

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