11 Feb Adobe February Lightroom Updates – New Features in Lightroom Classic 9.2

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

Adobe has just released its latest round of Lightroom updates, with new versions across the Lightroom ecosystem. I want to focus on the new version of Lightroom Classic today though, and one of the new features in particular. But first, here’s an overview of what’s new:

New Features

The new features in Lightroom classic 9.2 are as follows:

Improved Raw Default Settings (this is a big new feature. More on this below) PSB File Support More GPU Acceleration – Lens Corrections and Transform Adjustments are now GPU accelerated eGPU powered Enhance Details – You can now use an eGPU for the enhanced details function. Secondary Display Selection – Lets you choose which monitor you want to use as your secondary display when you have more than two monitors. Auto Sync Improvements – Interface is changed so that now when you have Autosync on it is clearer, with the aim of helping prevent unintentional batch edits. Lightroom Classic Sync FAQ – A link in the progress bar to an FAQ document to help photographers understand how the syncing process works.

New Display Options

Improved Raw Default Settings

This is probably the biggest new feature of this release of Lightroom, and its pretty cool. Previously you had the ability to store settings as defaults for a selected camera but there wasn’t really any interface for this. The new options make this much easier to manage, and make it much more flexible.

In the preferences, under the presets tab, there is a

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