17 Jun Adobe Camera RAW gets a much needed makeover

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

I almost missed this from the announcements yesterday, but Camera RAW in Photoshop has gotten a big makeover. It now behaves and looks a lot more like Lightroom. Some of the old frustrating behaviours are gone and it now supports high resolution displays properly.

A Much Needed Makeover

Camera RAW has been around for a long time now, predating Lightroom. While it regularly receives updates, the overall interface hasn’t really changed a massive amount over the years. When Lightroom came along, its underlying engine was based on Camera Raw, and you’ve always been able to maintain edit between both Lightroom and Camera RAW, but switching between them could be jarring. The interface was different and the terminology of various adjustments wads always different, so it could be confusing for new users, especially if you only used camera raw occasionally.

Camera RAW Intro Screen when First Run

Options when you first launch Camera RAW 12.3

New Camera RAW Interface

With this new update in Photoshop 21.2, Camera RAW 12.3 gets a much needed makeover. It now looks much more like Lightroom. The panel layout is very similar to Lightroom (cloud) desktop, and the headings are now the same as Lightroom desktop, but the actual slider design is more like Lightroom Classic. So, it’s kind of a hybrid of both. You can now open multiple panels together, without having to switch tabs like the old version. The filmstrip is also now along the bottom, just like it is in Lightroom (although you can switch

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