02 Jun Adam Bonn: A Love Affair with Fujifilm

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X-Pro2 - Douro Calm

X-Pro2 – Douro Calm

By Adam Bonn


Photographer, Adam Bonn, author of MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH THE FUJIFILM X-PRO1, has over 17 years’ experience shooting with Fujifilm. In this interview he tells us how he got in to photography, and why he loves his newest addition to his Fujifilm family; the X-Pro2.


Adam, tell us about you and your introduction to photography.

I’ve been interested in photography since the day I got a disc camera for my 14th birthday. When I was 15, my Dad lent me his SLR, and ever since then I was smitten! I started commercial work in 2002, shooting mainly corporate but also events and I’ve been working semi-professionally ever since.

I got my first Fujifilm compact camera in 2000 and I’ve owned and used Fujifilm ever since then. From the FinePix 2200 right through to the X-Pro2, I’ve been an avid Fujifilm user for over 17 years. The reason I began shooting with Fujifilm was because I wanted a digital camera from a manufacturer with experience of film. I liked Fujifilm colours and wanted access to these in the digital medium.

FinePix F300EXR

What was it that drew you in to the Fujifilm X Series?

When I completely left film to use a DLSR I went with Nikon. At the time, the Nikon had a more mature product in terms of feature set and lenses and my Fujifilm cameras continued to be for fun. When the mirrorless Fujifilm X Series arrived in 2012, I was immediately very interested. The X Series cameras allowed me to do all the things I could do with my Nikon kit, but with the added opportunity to keep the Fujifilm colours that I enjoyed so much. The Fujifilm control set was very much from an analogue perspective, which was the way I was taught to use a camera. In that respect, I felt at home with the X Series – I already knew how to use it before I picked it up.

Which camera do you currently use the most and why does it work for your style of documentary photography?

I currently shoot with the FUJIFILM X-Pro2. It’s just so versatile; the ‘rangefinder’ shape of the camera is a big positive, as it doesn’t scream ‘professional

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