26 Jan Action and Portraits with the Fuji X-T2

Source: Fuji Love

“Do you trust me”, Jody said, as I was setting up my Fuji X-T2 for a series of action shots. I said “sure”, and turned around just as Jody was speeding towards my camera bag, and with a quick upward flick, executes a perfect “bunny hop” over the top of my unsuspecting, and fully loaded bag. “Wow”, I thought, thinking I might be calling my insurance agent by the end of this shoot. Without missing a beat, I asked if he could do it again, settled into a camera position, and fired off a sequence of shots as he executed another perfect hop over my bag.

By way of introduction Jody Temple is my cousin, and a BMX Freestyle rider, specializing primarily in Street and Flatland riding. He has done this kind of riding since he was very young and oddly, this was the first time I have ever seen him wield tricks from his extensive bag of knowledge. BMX is not a sport that I have a great deal of knowledge about and I certainly do not have the lingo down, except for perhaps “bunny hop” which is a move that many riders start with. As a matter of photographic practice, I typically do not photograph action sports, preferring the more immobile subjects like landscapes and architecture. But I do like to shoot environmental portraits and I thought combining that work, with a testing of the auto focusing capabilities on the new Fuji X-T2, would make for a

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