16 Feb Acquired: The Fujifilm X100T (Plus Icing)

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Everyone has an iPhone, which features a pretty nice camera.  This is a good thing, and a bad thing.  I have a nice Nikon DSLR that I use as much as I can, and a Fujifilm X10 that is really nothing more than a point and shoot.  The X10 produces good images, but at this point I’d have a hard time distinguishing between those and an iPhone 7 camera.  Regardless, I found myself not shooting as much.

My problem was around convenience.  I really didn’t like carrying around my Nikon D7100 + lens.  It’s bulky, heavy, and I constantly worry about dropping it.  The setup was a big investment, and it takes extremely good pictures, but the actual process of taking, transferring, and manipulating the pictures is cumbersome.  Now, Mrs. RCS and I like to travel.  We save a lot of images with the intent of making annual books – hard copies, not digital – for us to start a collection documenting our life together.  I wanted a camera that had 90% of the capability of my DSLR, but more horsepower than the X10 or an iPhone.  After talking with some trusted friends, Caroline and Michael independently recommended the X100T.  It didn’t hurt that Ken Rockwell is a big fan.

Acquired: The Fujifilm X100T (Plus Icing) posted on Fujifilm Insider on .

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