12 Nov A Wet Day in the Woods

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

Last weekend I headed over to the Roaches in Leek to film a YouTube video about photography in dull weather. Whilst the day started very grey and overcast, it deteriorated into heavy, driving rain and high winds. You can never trust the UK weather forecast.

Anyway, I’ll be publishing that video later next week, but for now, I wanted to share this shot.

Wet tree trunk. Fuji XT3 with 16-80 lens.

When it’s overcast, woodland always works well, especially if it’s wet. This was shot with the Fuji XT3 and Fuji 16-80 lens at 80mm. It’s taken with the camera mounted on a tripod with an exposure of 1.6” at f/14.0 and ISO160. I also used a polarising filter to take away some of the glare from the wet wood. It’s done a nice job of saturating the colours.

I hope you like the shot and have a great weekend.

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