19 Mar A Walk to Edin’s Hall Broch

Source: Maclean Photographic

Today we took a  ride out to Abbey St Bathans with the intention of walking out to see the Edin’s Hall Broch, a 2000 year old round house that was very rare in the south of Scotland.

The walking route took us along part of the Southern Upland Way and followed the Whiteadder Water and the circular route was about 7 miles in length following the well marked Abbey St Bathans pathway.

The Broch is perched high above the river valley and there are great views all around.  The Broch itself is very visible and there is evidence of other buildings in the same area.

Not much is known about why this structure, which is more common in west and north Scotland, was built in this location and whether the other building were part of the same settlement or were built in another period.

Text from Historic Environment Scotland website
The broch, or roundhouse, at Edin’s Hall is just one part of a complex site.  The hillfort surrounding Edin Hall’s Broch pre-dates the broch itself – it was probably built between 2,000 and 2,500 years ago. The impressive double ramparts enclosure an oval area measuring about 135m by 75m. In places they stand up to 4.5m high.
The broch stands in one corner of the fort, within its own enclosure, separating this building from the rest of the site. It is thought that the broch was built in the first two centuries AD. Towards the centre of the fort are the remains of another large round house, which was probably…

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