08 Jun A Walk to Ashbridges Bay with the Fujifilm X70

Source: Mindshard

I had an opportunity to walk down to Ashbridges Bay yesterday evening with my X70. I love how portable this camera is. In the past I would have taken along one of my XPRO2s but sometimes when you just want to go for a nice, relaxing walk you don’t want to take something as substantial and big with you.

The X70 is inconspicuous and easy to casually carry. It fits easily in my cargo shorts pockets, or I just carry in hand with a nice leather wrist strap.

I don’t intend this to be a review covering the camera, specs, etc. Instead just observations, my feelings and several photos I took on my walk. I think ultimately the photos speak for themselves regarding the image quality. I did process all the images in Lightroom to varying degrees. Some were shot as in camera JPG and a couple were RAWs. All images have been downsized to 2048px.

What I love about the camera are the size, the substantial build (it feels great and solid for such a small thing) and the user experience. I am a big fan of manual controls and love that the shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation are all on mechanical dials on the camera. I can easily change settings to my hearts content without digging into digital menus. Menus are evil!

I was initially worried about the 28mm focal length. I thought it would be too wide to suit my personal style and that the lack of

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