10 Sep A Quick Update

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You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted regularly in a little while, so I wanted to give you a quick update. I’ve been busy with client work, so I haven’t had time to write or blog for the past few weeks.

In the grand scheme of things, a few weeks isn’t that long, but in internet time, two weeks is an eternity! I see the effect on my visitor stats after just a few days, and my YouTube channel has taken a huge hit. We’re actually gearing up for a busy season, on the photo software front if history is anything to go by, so I expect I’ll have lots more to talk about soon, but it’s been fairly quiet the past little while in terms of software announcements, or anything else of interest in the Photography World.

This has actually got me thinking about this blog a bit recently and its direction. I think I strayed too much away from its core focus over the past year or two. While I like covering software and techniques and stuff, it has partially become a news site for Photography Software, and I spend a lot of time writing about software announcements and updates, and it has partially been at the expense of other stuff. The actual photography side of things has fallen by the wayside a bit, and even software editing have taken a back seat to other things.

This wasn’t planned, but kind of happened organically, as I haven’t

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