10 Feb A quick tour of Fujifilm’s camera and lens factory in Sendai, Japan

Source: DP Review

“While waiting for the results of our “one minute film competition”, here is a short video I took while visiting FUJIFILM/FUJINON factory where the MK lenses and the X-T2 cameras are being made. As you can see, the guys at FUJIFILM are working hard on assembling the winners prizes…Enjoy! Music for the above video is taken from art-list: https://artlist.io/song/4853/me-and-you https://artlist.io/song/4854/firefly”

Documentary cameraman Johnnie Behiri of Cinema5D was in Japan recently, when he was invited to visit one of Fujifilm’s camera and lens factories in Sendai, Japan. Having been on a few factory tours ourselves, we suggest you do exactly what Behiri did: say yes, and bring a camera to document your journey.

The factory Behiri visited is responsible for putting together Fujifilm’s Fujinon MK lenses, the X-T2 ILC, and the GFX 50S medium format camera and lenses. The tour is short and sweet, but you get to see how careful Fuji must be about cleanliness in a factory like this, and watch as the technicians assemble each Fujinon MK lens by hand…



A quick tour of Fujifilm's camera and lens factory in Sendai, Japan posted on DP Review on .

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