10 Jan A quest to travel to 50 countries in 50 months after turning 50

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Hi Morten! First of all, we would like to thank you for this opportunity. It is a great pleasure to count on you for this interview. We usually start by asking our guests to introduce themselves. But in your case, we would like to go a little further and also ask you to explain how in 2014 you and Diana had the brilliant idea to start this magnificent journey!
The idea to visit 50 countries in the span of 50 months came up over a coffee at Starbucks. We were empty nesters, approaching our fifties and it was time to renew our mortgage. We had a conversation about where we were in our lives; were we happy, were we doing what we wanted to be doing? The daily grind seemed never-ending and we felt trapped. We both had the desire to make a change. But what would change look like? We talked about what we had done in the past, reviewed our old 5 year plans.

Asked ourselves when were we most happy? What kinds of things did we want to be doing in the future. We had travelled earlier in life but not as much in later years as life always seemed to get in the way. We agreed exploring and connecting with friends made us happy. We challenged ourselves and knew we had to make significant changes in order to make something happen.

We threw around some ideas and 50 countries in 50 months to celebrate 50 years

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