22 Aug A portfolio by Ashok Viswanathan, India

Source: Fuji Love

I started photography young while in school in the early 70’s starting with a Zeiss Super Ikonta IV and progressing to a Nikon FM with 4 lenses by the time I graduated.

Those were the days when film was supreme and digital was a distant dream. Large format was the standard and anything less than 6×6 cm was looked down upon. The problem with film was the quality of processing in India which left something to be desired and of course the recurring costs for film, processing and printing. In those days I shot Ilford FP4 and HP5 for b&w and Kodachrome 25/64 for colour. By todays standards, most photographers cannot imagine what it means to shoot 25 ASA film. My Kodachromes were always processed in Germany to be assured the best processing standards were met.

Ancient stepwells bhujBandra seascape

Early 2000 I was introduced to digital and loved it. I was no longer dependent on erratic labs and once you invested in a digital system and laptop there were no further running costs except for software upgrades . Everything that can be done in a traditional darkroom can be done easily in digital. My workhorse for the next 12 years was the Nikon D100 a 6MP with a 24-85mm lens supported by a 14mm f2.8 and a 80-200 f2.8 Nikon zoom.

Jain temple ajmerBhuj palaceKodaikanal lake

My subjects are mainly landscape, seascape, travel, portrait and model shoots. A large number of my images have been exhibited at national

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