28 Mar A Photo Conversion

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Ever since I first held a DSLR, it’s been a Canon – I remember standing in what was a half decent camera shop in Manchester – I had a Nikon in one hand, and a Canon in the other – I chose the Canon – not because I thought it was ‘better’ (the spec was about the same on both), but because it felt better in my hand. That was the Canon 350D, and I was on the road – after that I had a 5D – Canon’s first full frame at a reasonable price – and from there I travelled on through the 1D Mk3, to the 1D Mk4 (which I loved so much I had two of them!) – and then the 1DX (which is still in my opinion the best camera I have ever owned). I bought glass too. L Glass, and used it mercilessly. Commercial work, photo journalism work, agency work – the cameras and glass were worked very hard, and never let me down….

This week, I bought the Fuji 16-55 f2.8, and today is the first day out with this lens. It’s sharp, renders great colour, and I’m VERY impressed with the overall image quality. This little camera is just what I’ve been looking for….

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