11 Feb A Personal Look at the Fuji Xf 14mm f2.8

Source: Fujifilm Insider

There is no doubt that mirrorless cameras are beginning to gain significant ground on their larger DSLR cousins. Enthusiasts and pros alike are finding the benefits of their compact size and great image quality real draw. One area that mirrorless had traditionally lagged behind is in it’s range of lenses, and in particular ultra wide angle lenses. Recently however this trend has been pretty much reversed and there are now some fine wide angle lenses available. As I specialise in travel stock photography, a good wide angle for my Fuji X System is a vital addition to my camera bag.

The Build Quality.

Perhaps the first surprise is it’s size. As the previous owner of a Nikon 14-24mm the Fuji XF 14mm is tiny by comparison. It’s size however does not diminish it’s build quality. As in much of the Fuji X range of cameras, the design looks and feels very retro. It is very reminiscent of a good manual prime lens from the 1980’s, a solid metal barrel and strong tactile rubber for the focus ring. The similarities do not end there either. The lens has two other features that hark back to the days of film and that are sadly missing from many of today’s lenses. A depth of field scale and an aperture ring. The aperture ring is unusual in that it has indents for 1/3rd stops giving you a lot of control of the exposure. These indents however do seem to be a little loose and it is easy to knock the aperture ring to another setting. This can be an issue when shooting run and gun travel stock photography….

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