09 Mar A Night in the Museum

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Last evening I had the opportunity to attend a private social event at the Canadian National War Museum inside the Lebreton Gallery.  This gallery hosts a very vast collection of tanks, jeeps, guns and vehicles from throughout Canada’s military history.  What a great opportunity to play with my new Fuji X100F.

Earlier this year I told you that I would spend more time doing street and black and white work.  Thus far the street stuff hasn’t happened due to weather and sickness but I have been playing more and more with the black and white.   The X100F has the amazing Acros film simulation which is a ton of addictive fun.

All these pictures are from the jpegs (there is currently no RAW support in Lightroom for the new camera) so I can only show off the black and white.   Once raw is available I do want to redo some of these in colour.   For the camera followers, the settings were Arcos with red filter.  ISO set to auto range (200-3200).  Speed was auto and aperture was anywhere from F2 to F5.6.  Other settings are +2 on shadows and +2 on highlights….

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