05 Mar A Mid-Week Photo Walk with a Difference

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

Last weekend I headed onto the local moors for a longer walk and some much-needed exercise. When you usual walk around 15-20km over sometimes quite steep ground, walking around the village for an hour doesn’t keep you fit. During the recent restrictions I’ve found my fitness suffering and I’ve noticed my asthma returning so it was time to act.

Whilst the weather was good, I decided to take a longer walk on the Pennine Way (which I can walk to from my house). To be honest, I hadn’t been up there since November and I was quite shocked. Usually, I don’t see many people all day but there were now lots of groups out walking and I would even say the area was busy. But that’s not what shocked me. It was the ordinarily empty tracks that were now filled with parked cars. In the end, I lost heart and didn’t shoot any images.

Then on Wednesday I decided to chance another walk and was again shocked. This time I headed up to Alderman, which is one of the local hills, and I found the area virtually deserted. I spent a few hours walking the moors and returned totally refreshed. But what shocked me this time was how much infrared light there was. Visibility was limited to a few hundred meters and whilst the infrared camera I was using cut through some of this the remaining haze created some interesting effects.

This first image shows the war memorial (Pots

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