09 Jan A Meditation on Transit

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After seven weeks in New Zealand, Flemming and I returned to Singapore in early December, to the brand new Downtown Line on the MRT (metro) system. The best part? There’s a station right down the road from home. A five minute stroll from Mum’s front door, and I main-line it into the country’s urban heart, with a minimum of interruption and cross-over.


Driverless trains sweep into swanky new underground stations anchoring a vast web of tunnels. We’ve come a long way from the 30 year old lines that run overground on elevated tracks, giving passengers a lofty view of the city rushing by. We’re now cushioned from the world above, plugged into our pocket worlds and chilled until we’re ready to be poured into the rapid glitter of Singapore.

I’ve been making pictures of course, much like the ones in this post.


But I am not as prolific with the camera these days. Despite my best efforts, I’m unnerved by the uber surveillance that is slowly making its way all over the island. Little round CCTV globes are spread all over the ceilings of tunnels, train platforms, and entrances in close grids. Outside stations, they sprout in bouquets of steel.

If it hasn’t already been for a while, I’m sure my presence is now flagged in some national security register.

I’ve been questioned several times by MRT staff about what and why I’m doing. To their credit, they’ve been incredibly pleasant about it – it’s been nothing…

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