19 Dec A Love of Flare

Source: Fuji Love

Lens manufacturers, including Fujifilm, go to great lengths to organise and coat their lens elements to reduce the effects of flare on photographs captured. Fujifilm’s X Mount lenses are exceptionally well-corrected and do an excellent job of reducing visible flare. What do you do then, if you want to cause flare for creative effect? While many photographers seek for absolute optical perfection in their images (for some applications, this is certainly of great importance), we’re going to look today at embracing those imperfections and making images that deliberately use them. Pixel peepers need read no further. The rest of this piece may cause you pain. Today, I’d like to celebrate flare in all its beauty and talk about why, sometimes, flare can add so much to an image. Personally, I love flare and I use it a lot to create mood in my images. It can give us a sense of how bright a scene was, cover up parts of a scene we don’t want to show, or reduce contrast for a softer look. Let’s dive into how flare is created, how we can control it, and what affects the way it renders. What causes flare? Flare is caused by …

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