05 Mar A Journey In Street Photography And X Series Cameras

Source: Fujifilm Insider

What inspires someone to pick up a camera and start taking pictures of strangers? Creative desire? Journalistic duty? Divine inspiration? For me, it was boredom. Flashback to October 2014 – I’d just moved to London and found myself living in a room slightly bigger than a double bed (which also contained a double bed), separated from the few people I knew in the city by a river and the tremendous effort of a two-change bus journey. Being naturally lazy, this translated into a lot of free time – something of a mixed blessing.

Free time in London though? Surely it’s impossible to be bored in one of the most exciting cities in…blah. Trust me, if you’ve got the right mindset it’s possible to be bored anywhere, and having moved down from an area of abundant nature and rolling countryside, London just wasn’t doing it for me. Depressing city boys, monotonous travel, exorbitant costs – I felt liked I’d exposed a great lie, but wasn’t at all enthused by the revelation….

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