21 Mar A German in Paris

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Where should I start? In photography, which would be advisable or perhaps in my work, which has absolutely nothing to do with photography, but which has led me more or less directly to it.

By profession drugstore owner, I have been working for almost 25 years in the East, on the outskirts of Paris. There I work hardly and intense, 12 hours every day, weekend included. I’m free only Tuesday! At the same time, however, I am also surrounded by a variety of magazines, artisans, artists and sports clubs. And right there, my artistic interest was to document these activities and the people.

Mr. Diarra

I came into contact with photography very early, in which I cut out the most interesting photos from photo magazines given me by an older school colleague and hung them on the walls of my room.

I was fascinated by the work of professional photographers and collected them as I collected the painters and the different art genres from magazines and books. Only years later, however, I did discover the photography for me curiously not in the artistic context, but rather as a testimony of my life and my surroundings. My photography interest deepened when I moved from Germany to Paris, France, with my wife, a native French woman of Algerian descent. at this time I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D200….


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