21 Jan A Fujiholics Story – Rob Wood

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A Fujiholics Story – Rob Wood

Since buying an Fujifilm X100T in June 2016, I was instantly impressed with the small powerhouse of a camera. Not only with its performance but also on its sheer good looks and how it felt in the hands. Once getting familiar with it and its capabilities I was well and truly hooked on the Fujifilm brand.

Seeing articles on pre production of the original X100 I wanted one straight away as it reminded me of my days with my old rangefinders. I love minimalism and a ‘Rangefinder’ type camera suits me fine.

Fast forward to 2016, in Rome, a Canon 5D mark ii hanging from my wrist all week. The result? Sore neck, aching elbow and a decision to buy the Fujifilm X100T, not a difficult decision considering all the reviews I´d been reading.

The Fujifilm X100T had all I needed in a camera for my type of shooting, image quality, stunning looks, portability, ergonomics, usability and best of all its pure fun to use, which can only induce motivation to improve my photography.

My first love is ‘ Street’ photography and the X100T with its field of view I find is just perfect.

I’ve considered the Fujifilm X-Pro2/X-T2 but I love the Fujifilm X100T and being angst free from not having to choose which lens to use.

Less stress equals happy photographer. The Fujifilm X100T, for me, puts true enjoyment back in to photography.

Am I a ‘Fujiholic’?  Without any doubt, a camera that puts a smile on my face is good enough for me.

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