25 Jan A Fujiholics Story – Matt Walkley

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In this weeks A Fujiholics Story we take a look at Matt Walkley, why he is a Fujiholic, what he considers to be his favourite bits of equipment and what he hopes to do next.

So you’re a Fujiholic?

Definitely, but don’t tell anybody! I hear that you have to shoot a DSLR to be taken seriously as a photographer these days.

Ever since the purchase of my first Fujifilm camera I’ve been hooked. I developed an interest in street photography and wanted a camera that was smaller, lighter and less obtrusive than the DSLR that I was using for my landscape photography. I did some research and the X-Pro1 looked to be the best option for me. The multi-lens deal that was available at the time made it an easy decision, so I ordered the X-Pro 1 with 18mm, 27mm and 35mm 1.4.

The X-Pro1 changed everything for me. It had a huge positive impact on my photography and has helped me to produce some of my most successful photographs to date. I prefer a slower, more methodical and manual approach to photography and feel that the Fujifilm X Series cameras suit the way that I like to work. That’s not to say that the cameras are slow! My current camera of choice is the X-T2 and it has never been easier to capture photos of my two boys as they run around at 100mph!

All of my digital photography is now captured with the help of the Fujifilm X System so in short, yes my name is Matt Walkley and I am a Fujiholic…

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