26 May A Fujiholics Story – Davie Hudson

I’m told by my mum that I’ve always had a camera in my hands, the visual image is so appealing to me that I couldn’t not take photos. I was quite late to digital photography and my first Digi was a Fuji S9600, and I loved that thing! It was around the same point I moved from product photography into landscape, I found a home both with landscapes and Digital. From there I moved to another Fuji , the S100FS and the film simulations were a GODSEND!! Unfortunately this was stolen at a DJ gig (I was devastated) and I bowed to opinion and bought a DSLR (A Canon 550d) and whereas I liked it, it never had the feel of the Fuji and at the time I didn’t fancy the Fuji SPro system at all and I didn’t have that Canon for long … I had decided to go pro , so of course, I needed a Pro Camera … Didn’t I?  I wound up buying a 1Dx which whilst being a magnificent piece of equipment weighs a TONNE !! It really was way to big to climb up waterfalls with. 

Around that time I saw people talking and falling in love with the Fuji X100, and yeah I loved the look but surely that little thing couldn’t produce good enough images, could it? I shyed away from buying one… until the 100S was announced and that was my first foray into Fuji X-series, it was instantly love,…