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About you

Born in the 60’s, I bought my first real camera (SLR) whilst at university, after graduating I worked for Plessey writing real-time software, before moving to Reading to work in the broadcast TV industry. Since 1994 I have run my own businesses in the world of industrial imaging, culminating in my current work in Industrial Automation. I specify and fit cameras to production lines and write software to interpret the image, to inspect products/parts or act as the eyes of a robot (robot guidance). I’ve also been moving slowly further northwards, from starting in Poole, Dorset, I’ve got as far as Cheshire, I reckon by the time I retire I’ll have reached Oban!

Photography although part of my business is a complete passion, almost an obsession. Not only do I love taking part, but I enjoy teaching others, and for the last two years I’ve been running workshops for a local camera shop, and starting in 2018 will be running a number of workshops for Fujiholics.

So you’re a Fujiholic?

Fuji cameras are in my blood…… my first SLR was a Fuji STX-1N, my first digital camera was a Fuji MX2900. Despite a couple of forays into the world of Canon, I’ve returned to Fuji and for the last 5 years, I have been shooting with the X series cameras. I’ve owned many models (X100, XF1, X-E1, X-E2, X-T1,  XT2, X-A2,  X100F), but now have two main bodies  X-T2 and  X100F, my original X100 is going nowhere though, and still gets the odd trip out, it’s a bit like taking a classic car out, slow, a bit bumpy, but the journey is always enjoyable…

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