04 Jun A film about Damien Lovegrove by Fujilove (4k)

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Production Information: A one hour documentary for Fujilove by Tomasz Trzebiatowski and Jens Krauer about the celebrated photographer Damien Lovegrove. “In this revealing documentary, Jens uncovers a hidden side to this outwardly confident, charismatic photographer. We see Damien at his best shooting fashion on the streets of New York City and get his take on art and the life of a photographer.” (4k video)

Damien says: “We shot this video over one day in Brooklyn NY back in 2018. It was originally filmed by the Fujilove team for an ambitious project called Pholaborate. Unfortunately, Pholaborate didn’t survive, but I couldn’t let all this hard work go without getting an audience so with permission of Fujilove the complete video is now here for you to enjoy.”

Model: Denisa Strakova

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