27 Oct A Dramatic Sky Calls for a Dramatic Scene!

Source: Mostly Photos

“A Dramatic Sky Calls for a Dramatic Scene” – That seems an odd statement but in these days of AI Processing and painless Sky Replacement I increasingly find that I am shooting as many dramatic skies as I can find.

I then spend some time looking through my back-catalog for a scene that might suit them.. seems a little perverse but I quite enjoy it.

In the case of the image below. I recently captured a stormy sunset (from my back-yard with a drone!) and instantly thought of Scotland as a match.

I was lucky enough to travel to the Isle of Skye in 2007 and even more lucky to find three scenic rowing boats float into alignment just as the sun came out and illuminated the banks of the Loch.

I have re-visited this photo many times over the years and, while I have a number of versions of the scene I am quite pleased with this one. It feels like it (almost) captures the experience of being in this beautiful place just after dawn.

Three Boats
Isle of Skye, Scotland

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