26 Jun A Decade of Capturing Musicians Behind the Scenes by Felix AAA

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By Felix AAA

Photographer Felix AAA has spent the past ten years touring the world with a variety of musicians, getting up close and personal with the artists to capture intimate, unseen, behind the scenes shots. In this article, he talks about some of his favourite images, and his experiences behind how he took them.



Touring has taught me everything I know. Ten years of consistent travel, worldwide, in wildly varying environments, from the glorified ‘toilet tour’ (small, run down venues, minimal budget, extremely uncomfortable settings) to stadiums and arenas with 10+ buses, jets and five star hotels.

These scenes and the experiences they have provided have allowed continued growth in understanding how to handle both a rapidly changing environment and how to bond with high profile individuals within a very short space of time.

Being put into a position of closed quarters with anyone for an extended period of time is daunting enough on any level but to then add the pressure of having to capture their world, as an in demand human, in a candid manner without seeming as though you’re encroaching brings an entirely unchartered territory to the table.

You work in both the worst lighting conditions imaginable alongside some of the best you could wish for. Although mostly the worst. This poses a consistent challenge for me, personally, as I use only natural light. A choice I made so as to continue to capture scenery without making my presence too obvious. This too effects my choice of camera for certain environments, which is why, when shooting in very close proximity, I choose the X Series, with the X100S being my go-to camera.

When on silent mode, it is perfectly unobtrusive both in sound and size allowing subtlety to be utilised in almost all situations.

It also becomes a talking point, due to the incredible imagery it outputs. Subjects are always beautifully surprised by its power.

Better yet though, is its ability to fit into near enough any pocket, which makes movement so easy. It can essentially go anywhere and with such a generous aperture range, it excels almost everywhere.

Included in this post is a selection of some of my favourite images that I’ve taken with the X100S and the stories that accompany them.

Nas – Clash Magazine behind the scenes


This is one of my all time favourite images. I was shooting BTS for a Clash magazine cover shoot by a good friend of mine Hayley Brown.

Like with any studio shoot, set up time tends to take longer than the shoot itself. The first thing Nas requested upon arrival was a shape up, so I took a seat behind him and just observed the energy of the situation. He spent the entire time looking at his phone until this moment, where he looked up into the mirror directly at me. I raised my camera and hit the shutter once and this was the result.

Dave Grohl – Radio One’s Big

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