13 Feb A Dead Shark but No Lions

Source: Little Big Travelling Camera

FUJIFILM X-Pro2 (14mm, f/8, 1/200 sec, ISO320)

Pier 39 is a famous tourist spot. There is even a Hard Rock Cafe which is always a sign that you are at the very centre of tourism.

There is nothing wrong with that of course. Tourist spots are popular for a reason. And even though you can find all the usually suspects like small candy and ice cream shops, fridge magnet and other gift stores and of course a Bubba Gump restaurant there is still enough to discover like Lefty’s.

Finally a store made for me. When I came here for the first time I bought a tea mug for left handed people. I still have it and use it in the office. If one of my colleagues would “borrow” it they would ruin their shirt. I will always remember that when I bought the mug using my credit card the cashier, a very nice lady, had a long look at the picture in my old driving licence. Of course I have changed a little. “Is this you?” “Yes, a little younger perhaps – but it’s me.” “You looked like the young Dennis Quaid”. I think I didn’t say much beside “Thank you.” but what I really thought was “How the hell do I look like today?”

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