29 May A Day in Malham

Source: The Lightweight Photographer

View across the fields and rolling landscape of Malham. Fuji X-T2, 18-55 lens, ISO200, f/11.0, 1/350″

Today was another beautiful day and I promised my wife a day out walking in Malham. I reasoned we could kill two birds with one stone as it would allow me to shoot the wild garlic near to Janets Foss waterfall. If you don’t know the area, there’s a woodland leading up to the falls and the slopes are coloured bright green by the garlic. Around this time of year, the garlic flowers and the woods are filled with beautiful white flowers.

Unfortunately, I was about a week too late and the garlic was past its best. It was though quite smelly.

When I suggested this walk, what I hadn’t realised was that it’s half term. Malham and the surrounding areas was heaving with cars and people; definitely not what I had in mind. When we ventured up to Gordale Scar, it looked like a long line of people queuing for a view. Rather than try to get past everyone to climb the waterfall at the end, we backtracked to the road and took the path across the fields towards Malham Cove. After about 400m there’s a path to the right which leads up onto the top of the scar…

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