23 Sep A Cool Capture One Feature You May Not Be Aware Of – Working With Offline Images

Source: Thomas Fitzgerald Photography

As I’ve recently started using my Laptop as my full time computer for everyday tasks, I recently came to appreciate a feature of Capture One, that not many people may be aware of. I knew about this feature, and I’ve briefly mentioned it before, but it’s only in the past few months that I came to really appreciate it. If you’re working on a catalogue, and your originals are stored on an external drive, you can disconnect that drive and continue to work off the previews.

At first this might not sound like that big a deal. After all, Lightroom has a similar feature with its “smart preview” function. However, you have to explicitly choose to generate smart previews in Lightroom. In Capture One it works with all previews, so you don’t have to remember to explicitly create them. You can even recover clipped highlights, and export images from the previews. It’s almost as if the originals are still attached. Apparently there are some tools that you can’t use (such as Luma masking) and obviously you are limited to the size of your previews, but Capture One’s previews can be of a higher resolution that Lightroom Classic’s smart previews. It is remarkably flexible.

There are of course some downsides. For a start you have to have your catalogue stored on your internal drive with your images stored on an external storage solution for this to work. This doesn’t really work well with sessions stored on an external drive (as

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