29 May A closer look at MCEX-45

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

Say hello to MCEX-45 and also its other sibling MCEX-18 It’s the new macro extension tube for GFX system. Basically what extension tube does is giving your original lens the capability to shooting beyond its minimum focus distance.

Let’s take GF63mm. It was my first GF lens and I know a few owners out there only own this lens. Before you invest on your next GF lens, you may wanna consider this two marco extension tube. I had a fun time playing with it. Before I continue I would like to explain with 3 pictures. First shot is taken with GF63mm at its minimum focusing distant. The second shot is taken MCEX-18 mounted with GF63mm. The last shot is with MCEX-45.

As you could see there is nothing to compare between the two extension tube. Basically MCEX-45 has a greater closer minimum focusing distance. Its drawback is it also more than 2 times thicker. As always; the headache is which to purchase if you are looking at investing in one. Good Luck…

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