29 Jun A Closer Look at Affinity Photo 1.5 for Fuji Raw Processing

Source: Fujifilm Insider

While I’ve talked about Affinity photo before at various times, and I’ve briefly covered the application for processing Fuji Raw files, I realised that I haven’t really looked at it in depth. In fact, a reader recently emailed me about it, and it was only then that I realised that I hadn’t explored the application’s RAW processing in detail.

Let me start by discussing what I see as the big limitation to using Affinity Photo at the moment. Well, for me anyway. I do use Affinity photo occasionally, but mostly as an alternative to Photoshop. I don’t really use it for RAW processing that much. The reason for this is that it’s only really suitable for working on one image at a time. Even with Photoshop and Bridge you can open multiple images in camera raw, and process a group at a time. With Affinity you can open multiple images as tabs in the develop persona, but they are all separate individual documents. So even though you can have several open at the same time, there’s no easy way to do things like copy the develop parameters from one to another and so on.

This style of working may well be fine depending on your workflow, but I’ve gotten used to the way of processing images that you would do with the likes of Lightroom or Aperture before that. This makes it hard for me to go back to using applications like Affinity for my regular raw processing. If you have a large group of images that you need to process, the way of working on them is just too slow for my tastes…

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