12 Oct A Beam of Light

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

It was one of those all too common days in the life of a working creative, the type of day that doesn’t involve a camera:  Admin.  Billing.  Accounting.  Marketing.  Planning.  Client meetings.  Client follow up.  Resource management.  Writing.  Editing.  Processing… it was a day of doing the tasks that keep the trains running on time.  It was a day of doing the “work”.

And then a 7 month old Labrador Retriever puppy, who has sat patiently at your feet all day long while you work,  lies down in the perfect beam of light.  You stop what you are doing for a few minutes, grab your camera, and make photos for no reason other than it is what you love to do.  You get to be an artist again, and it is a wonderful thing.

Note:  All photos taken with the Fuji X100F, using the Acros film simulation.

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