10 Jul 7Artisans unveils range of low cost, fast lenses for mirrorless cameras

Source: DP Review

Chinese optical manufacturer 7Artisans has introduced a collection of four lenses that are intended to provide low-cost alternatives to branded optics. The lenses are all designed for mirrorless cameras, and the company intermittently provides mounts for Sony E, MFT, Fujifilm X and Canon EOS M users, as well as one lens for Leica M cameras.

The lenses are all manual focus, feature a copper core with an aluminum exterior and some of them come in a choice of black or silver finish. There isn’t much information on the company website but the Amazon sales pages reveal some of their specification.

25mm f/1.8 | Sony E/Fujifilm X/MFT | $70

This lens was designed for APS-C and Micro Four Thirds sensors, and boasts an aperture range of f/1.8-16. It uses seven elements in five groups, has 12 iris blades and offers a 46mm filter thread.

35mm f/2 | Sony E/Fujifilm X/Canon EOS M | $156

A lens capable of covering a full frame sensor, this 35mm f/2 uses a 10-bladed iris and has a minimum aperture of f/16. It is constructed with seven elements arranged in five groups and offers a 43mm filter thread.

50mm f/1.1 | Leica M | $369

Designed for the Leica M family, this standard focal length uses 12 iris blades to form its click-less f/1.1- f/16 aperture range. The company says it has used a Sonnar design and high-refractive index glass to optimize the lens for use at the widest apertures. The lens…

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