23 Jan 6,500 Dollar Cameras

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Last week, both Leica and Fujifilm introduced $6500 cameras. Actually, the Leica is $6595, but to keep things simple, I’m going to round down. Two very different cameras for different people with different uses. It’s fun to compare them, at least superficially, and you will find, like most things in life, things are relative. Can $6500 be cheap? Why yes.

On Thursday, Fujifilm officially introduced their medium format digital camera, the GFX 50S, which they’ve previewed late last year. The “modest” $6,500 was surprisingly aggressive for such a, theoretically, capable machine. At 51.4MP and a sensor 1.7 times larger than full frame, it promises to be a beast of a picture making machine. There was big news when Pentax broke under the $10,000 barrier for medium format digital. Fuji just demolished that barrier.

Fuji is aggressively going after Canon and Nikon, from both the below and from above. Not coincidentally, the flagship Nikon D5, for example, runs at $6500. Though the Canon flagship 1D X Mark II, is available for a mere $6000. Fuji now has a camera with a larger sensor and with higher resolution for around the same price as the DSLR leaders….

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