26 Jan 50mm vs 56mm vs 60mm

Source: Ivan Joshua Loh

XF50mm F2 has definitely drawn quite a bit of attention. Its small, light, fast AF and well built. Just like it’s other 2 siblings XF23mm F2 and XF35MM F2 its also a WR lens. This makes the XF50mm a very good all rounder lens.

Will XF 50mm F2 stack up against the XF60mm Macro F2.4 lens or even the creamy XF 56mm F1.2 APD? Its definitely an unfair comparison but there are also surprises in my unscientific shoot out.

There are no winner in the simple shoot out. Rather each lens has its own strength and weakness. Be it how it renders the bokeh, auto focus speed and even cost. For all the bokeh hungry photograhers; the 56mm F1.2 APD is the clear choice wide open. Bokehlicious!. But as you could see at F2 the bokeh for XF50mm and XF 60mm renders a nicer round balls effects of the fairy lights. Its is where the 9 rounded blades from XF50mm and XF60mm comes into play….


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